Using Your Water Resistant Phone to Shoot Video


‘Using your phone underwater without a case, are you CRAZY!’

That what someone said to me when I took my iPhone 7 into a waterfall in QLD. But as most people don’t know a lot of smart phones are water resistant/proof these days. Here are some that I know of;

List of Some Waterproof Phones

Please check your phones waterproof rating before using it in water
  • iPhone X/8/7
  • Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/Note8
  • Google Pixel 2
  • LG V30
  • Moto X4

More Can be found here

It can be nerve racking to use your phone in the water, as we know what doesn’t work well with technology. But these new phones have been designed to be used in water (please check your phones capabilities before taking it underwater) and I use a range of different smartphones underwater to capture great travel videos.

While on a Queensland trip in mid 2018 I used my iPhone7+ in places like the great barrier reef and iconic waterfalls. With the Tap Edit Go Visual Kit I was able to use the Super Wide Fish eye lens to make my iPhone look like a GoPro.


And the same look to capture this video of a trip to the great barrier reef.

Once I shot everything I needed I spend 30min editing the video on my favorite video editing app on the IOS devices LumaFusion. Along with some royalty free music from these videos capture an amazing moment on my trip that I will be able to keep forever.

You can do it too just get a Tap Edit Go Kit!

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