Upload HD Videos to Facebook with your iPhone

Make your videos clear and high definition when you upload them from your iPhone to Facebook

You have a great clear edited video that you have made on your phone. Then you upload that video to Facebook… and it looks terrible compared to what they look like on your phone or your desktop. Frustrating, right?

Why does Facebook and iPhones do this?

To save mobile data and battery life Facebook and iPhone settings have has automatic limitations on you device so they you don't over use the phone. So although your videos might look great when you make the video when you upload them iPhone and Facebook lower the quality to make your phone work more efficiently.

But here are 3 simple steps to make sure your next video looks great!


STEP 1 - Enable HD Photos and Videos Upload from Facebook App

The first step is to change your settings inside your Facebook app to make sure it uploads HD Video. Follow these 6 steps to turn on the HD settings.

1. Launch the Facebook app.

2. Tap the “three lined” button in bottom right corner of the app.

3. From the list of options, scroll down and tap on Settings.

4. From that list of options, scroll down and tap on Videos and Photos.

6. Toggle on “Upload HD” button in video settings.

STEP 2 - Enable HD Video Upload from iPhone Setttings

Not only to you have to change the settings inside the Facebook app but you have to change the Facebook settings inside the iPhone settings. A little confusing I know but follow these step to change the HD upload settings on your iPhone.

1. Launch the Settings app

2. Scroll down until you see Facebook; tap on it.

3. Scroll down and toggle on “Upload HD” button in video settings.


STEP 2 - Upload using WIFI

I have found that even when using your mobile data and having these settings turned on your video still might be blurry or low quality. The best option is to upload your video while you are connected to WIFI.

Follow these steps and you will be upload high quality videos in no time.


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