Make Your Phone Look Like A VHS Camcorder

Create a VHS camcorder look using your smartphone

Are you wondering if it is possible to make your smartphone look like an old school VHS recorder? Worry no more! Now with the VHS Camcorder (VHS CAM) - Retro 80s Cam app, you can turn your phone into a VHS camera with less hassle.

What Is The VHS Camcorder (VHS CAM) - Retro 80s Cam And How To Use It

VHS Camcorder (VHS CAM) - Retro 80s Cam is a cool app that you can use when recording some of your smartphone videos. It allows you to give your smartphone a look like that of an old school VHS recorder. You can make this a reality by putting this VHS filter over your smartphone.

However, you need to note that there are several types of these cool filters on Google's Play store. Some of them ask for subscriptions, and others have some ads in there. In this case, we will choose the pink VHS Cam since it has no ads. Also, this is the perfect VHS filter to go for if you want to support app developers.

Using VHS Camcorder (VHS CAM) - Retro 80s Cam

After opening VHS Cam, you'll need to press the 'record' option to take video. Also, you'll realize that this app comes with great features such as title, time, and date.

However, you can go to 'settings' and turn the features off in the cases where you don't want them to get displayed in your video.

When recording a video using a VHS camera, ensure that you're looking directly into the lens. By doing this, you'll be able to shoot quality videos.

The first thing you'll note is that the video is shot on 4x3, which is the old square TV that was the most popular in the past. But remember, you have the option of changing this by going to the settings. For example, you can decide to switch to a widescreen and shoot in the normal succeeding. But, square videos are the most preferred because of social media reasons.

Most individuals prefer their smartphone video lenses. And the exciting news for you is that now you can create a super-wide fisheye for your VHS camera by clipping the 238 mil fish super wide fisheye lens over your smartphone.

Also, by doing this, you create a look similar to that of the old TV shows, and this allows you to make a range of different videos for your business or anything else like Christmas parties, holiday events, and more.

That's all! Thank you.

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