How to use the GoPro Quik app to easily edit your little videos

Learn to edit small videos on your smartphone using the GoPro Quik app for Android and iOS

Hi, this is Wes from Tap Edit Go. I’m going to show you an amazing app that edits your videos for you. This app is called GoPro Quik and it is one of the simplest and the best editing apps that I’ve seen.

GoPro Quik is amazing as it edits an entire video for you! By pressing just one button you can do pretty much everything such as add music, make cuts, and the best of all is that it finds all your perfect shots! So, you literally don’t have to do anything at all – it is just so amazing.


There is an exception though. This app cannot be used for tutorial videos or any content-heavy videos. As the name of the app indicates, these are more like little videos that capture behind-the-scenes, and interaction clips.

The reason why GoPro made this app is because people were capturing several hours of content on their GoPro cameras and transferring them on their phones. However, they didn’t have a clue of how to edit these videos. This is why they made an app that has great artificial intelligence and is able to select not just your best shots, but those incredible moments to stitch the frames together and create a perfect video for you!

Earlier this app could be used to edit GoPro footage only. But now, you can use this to edit any footage on your smartphone. This app works both for Android and iOS devices.
I will now discuss the features of this app in detail.gopro-quik-video-editing-app

Selecting the shots

Simply pull out your past projects by pressing the ‘+’ (plus) button on the app. Next, go to the folder that has all the little seconds of videos that you’ve made and copy those. Select those shots that you want to add to your clip and in the order you would like them to be. That’s it, you’re done! That is how easy it is to edit a video on your Quik app.


Adding music

Let’s put some music in your video after you’ve finished editing. At this point, notice that the Quik app has already selected some amazing shots and has cut the footage to sync with the music perfectly.


Available features

There are several icons at the bottom of your app’s screen that allows you to do several things.

By using the ‘Theme’ feature, the app will make a whole new video out of the same content. Hence, all you need to do is find the video cut that fits just right for your business and you’re good to go!


The other great feature that this app provides is the ‘Settings’ button that lets you to control the various features of the app.


One of my favorite features is the ability to ‘Format’ videos. Choose from options such as Cinema, Square or Portrait. For instance, if you choose the ‘Portrait’ option it will make an exact video using the same footage but now that appears vertical. Hence, you can choose to work on an entire video based on a ‘Theme’! So, I can make an IGTV - Instagram videos, or any kind of vertical video and also a horizontal video from various platforms by pressing this button.


Finally, press ‘Save’ and you’re done! Save your edited video to your photo library and export it later. That is how easy and simple it is. By using the GoPro Quik app you have learnt how you can edit your little videos. All you have to do is Tap Edit Go.


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