How to Make a Rapid Fire Montage Video

Making a quick fast pace video for your social content on with your smartphone

What is a Rapid Fire Montage?

A Rapid Fire Montages are just a series of extremely short shots strung together to tell a story. Some filmmakers call them jump cuts, or hip hop montage or superchange. You might see a lot of these kind of sequences in superohero movies. It’s the transition between the hero before to go into battle and we see them get into their outfit on.

This is great, but I love using them for social content to consume the audience. What kind of topics would that be? Things like setting up a market, opening a store, cooking, or as you will see in the video, making a coffee.

These videos might look complicated but they are really simple and take me 15min to make

How to Shoot a Rapid Fire Montage?

If you are shooting by yourself I recommend using a tripod. I like to use this FlexiTripod cause I can pick it up and move it around easily, but the Mini-tripod works better for capturing different heights. You can get either of these tripods in out Tap Edit Go Smart Phone Video Kits.

When shooting these types of videos I tend to shoot one long shots. I point the camera at an action I like put the camera down and then pick it up for the next action. Recording one long shot helps in the editing process cause you don’t have to import so many shots.

Audio plays a big part in your edit, and emphasises what happens in each short shot. Make sure you capture actions with noise, like a door closing, seatbelt clipping in, stream coming out of machine, etc.

How to Edit a Rapid Fire Montage?

I think these videos are actually one of the easiest to edit on your smart phone. I used iMovie for this edit which comes free with ever iPhone. But if you are an android user I Recommend KineMaster (subscription base) or Power Director (one time purchase)

Once you have capture all your footage (on just that one clip) import it into a new project. Then go through and cut the actions you like out of the footage. Then delete the material you don’t want and the app should put the video clips together automatically. Its that easy!

Watch the video back over and see what the pace of each shot is like, and if it seems each action is taking to long to get through then trim down the shots to make them short and punch. The shorter the better.

Watch it back over and make sure your happy, then export and upload to your favourite platforms.

So get out there and shoot an amazing new piece of content for your social media. Just Tap Edit Go.


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