How To Create Personalized Email Videos

Use the Bonjoro app to send personalized videos to your potential clients, customers, or any other person via email.

Do you want to make your clients or customers feel more valued? Do you want to convert and restain many customers? If yes, then sending personalized videos to your customers is the right step to take today. But how can you send these kinds of videos? Worry no more! With the Bonjoro tool, you'll have access to an easy way of treating your customers well so that they can interact with you.

What Is Bonjoro App And How Does It Work?

Bonjoro is a fantastic tool that allows you to send personalized videos to your potential consumers, clients, or any other person on your email list. It gives you an easy way of sending a video recording direct to the email of your customers. The free version of this tool is excellent, and it comes with several amazing features to choose from.

Using Bonjoro

Step 1: Choose the customer you'd like to email

The first step is to check your to-do list and then select the client you'd like to send the email.

Step 2: Record a personal video

Now, the next is to record a personalized video. Press the 'record' option that is just below the name of the customer and record a personal video.

Step 3: Reviewing and sending the video

After recording a personalized video, Bonjoro allows you to review it to ensure that everything is okay before sending it to the client.

Now you can send the video to your client if everything is okay. After this, the name of that specific customer will disappear, and now you'll need to do a quick, personalized video to every other client on your list.

However, you need to note that you have the option of customizing your videos. Also, Bonjoro offers several plans so that you can choose the best one that suits your needs.


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