8 Tips On How To Look Comfortable On Camera

Being On Camera

Are you amongst those individuals who always feel uncomfortable whenever on camera? Or do you want tips on how to be comfortable on camera? Worry no more! Here are the eight tips on how to be comfortable on camera:

1. Know Your Main Points

You'll feel comfortable and speak confidently when you know your main points and subject matter. But also you need to prepare yourself well with these points.

2. Posture Is Power

A good posture will give you an excellent look. But how can you do this?

Always stand up straight whenever you're on camera. Keep the chin up, and shoulders rolled back. By doing this, you'll fee more confident while on camera.

3. Pauses

Don't get surprised if you lose track of your main points. To avoid this, you need to pause, let your brain digest the information, and then start again from where you left.

4. Be Animated

Speaking animatedly allows you to exude confidence. Also, when you're animated, it means you're passionate about your subject matter, which is the same thing when it comes to your audience.

Remember, the more you speak animately on camera, the higher the probability of increasing your confidence even higher.

5. Make Mistakes

Don't feel disappointed if you make mistakes on camera. It does not sound bad if you make honest mistakes on camera since this gives a clear picture of your human side as opposed to when you get it perfect at all times.

6. Camera = Person 

Keep in mind that it's only one person watching your video. Therefore, don't generalize when addressing your audience via a video.  Addressing them at the individual level is the right path to follow in this case.

7. Remember To Smile

You need to smile while on camera. Do this since smiling plays a crucial role in opening more doors and creating a positive attitude when it comes to human communication. However, you need also to consider the mood under your subject matter.

8. Keep Hydrated

Finally, it is crucial to keep hydrated, but don't overdo it. Ensure you drink plenty of water and have more while on camera. By doing this, you will get appreciated by your audience and voice.

That's all! Put all the tips into practice so that you can look confident on camera.

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