Add subtitles to your Facebook or Youtube video

Make your videos clear and high definition when you upload them from your iPhone to Facebook

Having captions or subtitles on your Facebook or Youtube videos not only ensures that your videos are more accessible (as it helps with your SEO), but is also a useful way to make sure your videos can be understood with the sound off. Most people are now watching their videos with no sound at all.

What is a video subtitle and how does it work?

Subtitles display the text of what a person in a video is saying at the bottom of the video. These words are not part of the video, they are an extra layer (or file) on top of your video that can be turned on and off. It's a huge benefit for people to engage with the video especially if they don't have the sound turned on when the video automatically starts. 


STEP 1 - Create a subtitle track

The first step create a subtitle (or STR) file for your video. So once you are 100% happy with your video and it's ready to be uploaded to your social accounts, you firstly will need to go to a website called They will write out your video word-for-word for you for only 1USD per minute and deliver it back to you within 24hours.

 1. Select Caption 2. In the new page click "get started" 3. Then you will upload your video file on the following pages 4. oWhen the video has finished uploading you will need to create and account 6. Then add your payment details, and send off your video. 

STEP 2 - Review and edit your subtitles

Within 24hours Rev will send your subtitle track via email. Before you download you want to 'view and edit' the file just to make sure all the text matches. Once you hit the 'view and edit' button inside your email it will take you to your rev account and you will be able to edit the text in the live playback section of their site. 

Once you are happy click 'DOWNLOAD' in the top right hand corner and then download the STR FILE

Now that you have your subtitle track Facebook needs you to do one final step before you upload the file to your video and that is to change the title. Not only will you need to make sure that the title of the STR file matches the video file name exactly, but you will need to add .en_US to it as well. This LANGUAGE CODE and COUNTRY CODE you will be allocating to your file. This is so facebook understand the language and country it is meant for, you can also add different codes if you have got it transcribed in a different language.

But for not we just need to as en_US to our english subtitle file.

Example - filename.en_US.str 

(aka filename.[language code]_[country code].srt) 


STEP 2 - Adding your subtitle track to your Facebook video

Adding subtitles to your Facebook video is a simple process. Go through the process of normally uploading your video to facebook. 

You will then have to wait for the final video to be fully uploaded until you can add the subtitle track.  Once it is fully uploaded you will then 1. go to the right hand side bar and clink on the 'Subtitle and Cation (CC)' section. 2.  The choose your language 3. Then click upload and find your STR. 4. To make sure your subtitle come up change the default language to your desired language (in this case english) 5. Then add your title and description and post your video. 

STEP 3 - Adding subtitles to Youtube videos

Adding the subtitle to a youtube is a little similar but has an extra step. Begin by uploading your video to YouTube.

Once the video is completely uploaded and you have added your details and titles then type in your URL - 


1. Find the video you want to add the subtitles then open it. 2. You will be in the Basic setting, but to add the subtitles you will need to goto Advance Settings 3. Change the 'Video Language' box to your desired language (most likely english) 4. then click 'Upload Subtitle/CC' and make sure the 'with timing' box is checked. 5. Find your STR file and upload it 6. Then click save in the top right hand corner.

Then check if the subtitles add to the video by going back to the video and clicking the CC button in the bottom right hand corner of the video. 

Then you are all done! Thanks for reading. 

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